Holiday File Thingiser

This is a simple runnable .jar file that takes a collection of mixed up photographs and organises them.

Holiday File Thingiser

Using the date and time each was taken it will:

  • Rename the photo to a unique filename that will appear in alphabetical order of when it was taken
  • Set the created and edited dates of the file to the correct date and time.

If you include .gpx files, for example downloaded from endomondo, it will also:

  • Locate each photograph at the place it was taken.


Basically it was a reaction to not having something to do what I wanted to do while I was away. It was an extension of the PicSync site but as an app so it would also geo-locate the files as well as name them correctly. At some point I might include the offset / time fixing functionality of PicSync but for now it does the job for me and that is all I wanted it for.

To Use;

  • Download the .jar and run it by double-clicking it.
  • Open the directory containing all your photos for your holiday, I call mine something like 2017_10 Scotland. Reverse dates are cool as are alphabetically in order and they make sense. That was a holiday in October in 2017 in Scotland.
  • Download any .gpx files you have for your holiday, this will locate the photos you took.
  • Press .
  • There will be a number of errors, it can't locate videos for example. But will process, rename, locate and date everything.
  • Importing into Photos on your Mac will now all be in order, regardless of when you imported, copied, downloaded. They will also be in order in Windows Explorer, Finder, Photoshop. Yey!

Here is a dropbox link to the .jar to run the application should you be interested.

At some point in the future I might add functionality and package up as a proper application but for now this serves my purposes.