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There are a number of services that I offer and the choice is flexible. Currently I am operating within my own LTD company; Darker Waters. My larger hardware projects are often run under his company which is called Alonyx so feel free to visit his site also.

Else, carry on reading for some things people have found useful in the past.


The most straightforward way to get some help is to hire me as a consultant. I am eminently qualified and have performed this task for a number of small firms and start-ups in the Bristol area. I have experience in hiring, starting technical teams, achieving ISO accreditation, setting up hardware and software environments, management, design, implementation, test and delivery. There isn’t much in the world of software that I haven’t at least been involved in, often running. I am particularly skilled in the creation of presentations, documentation and concept demonstrators of complex technology. I have presented and convinced a range of people from government ministers, technical leads of international corporations, high-ranking military personnel and even a member of Dragon’s Den. I charge a very reasonable £500 a day for this service.

Tech Therapy

Another, more common, need I have seen in the software start-up community is one for someone to talk to, to get some help and guidance. There are many people in the world trying to sell you services or solutions, as a new business starter how do you decide what to do, who to go with. If you want technical therapy then I can sit down with you, or Skype, for a couple hours to help. I will listen to your ideas, discuss your solutions, think about your problems. Often talking can be enough, I often advise on better terminology to use so software firms better understand your requirements, or tech and services you should investigate. As a therapist, I make it a rule to subsequently not date you. That is, if you want advice then at no point should my advice consist of me, or anyone I know, doing subsequent work for you. If my advice is for me to make money how could you trust it. My goal is to have you drive forward whatever it is you are doing on your own, or have enough knowledge to find someone to help. I charge a very reasonable £100 for up to two hours of therapy.

Bespoke Solution

This is my most common way of working and often this is managed through Alonyx. This is the route if you have some solution you want creating. Hardware or software we are flexible, most commonly we charge a very low and reasonable fee for the solution, often less than £2000. Then, appropriately to the work involved, we also ask for a royalty fee for each unit sold. That way your initial costs are kept down while we make a living. Like I say though, we are flexible if you don’t want to give away any future profits, we can work and bill hours worked, or fixed price deliverables.


If you want some writing done then please get in touch. Outside of my own novels I have never done any paid for work in this regard and might be interested in transitioning in that direction.

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