Most hardware I performed professionally was in the integration of software systems to the hardware, or creating software for the already-created boxes. However, I have partnered with my brother in Alonyx to expand my capability and to get more into IoT and hardware solutions. Still, you can see from my experience, it isn’t entirely new to me.


This is a work in progress so I would like to keep the details private for now. I created an Arduino device that connected to and communicated with a mobile device and a bespoke remote control. There is a display, wifi, bluetooth, SD card, switches and dials. I have iterated the device to exercise my education in product design as well as electronic knowledge.


This is a picture of the robotic vehicle that John Deere are currently developing and looking to sell to various military organisations around the world. I was the engineer that created a concept-demonstrator of how the UK would operate it. I created a navigation and control solution for multiple vehicles to be used in a UK Infantry division and aided in the use of it during the trials on Salisbury Plain. The result: too expensive and too complicated but they would love it. So much better than walking.

Neesh Designs

Having been let down by her engineer, this kickstarter project has turned to Alonyx and Quartz-TSL to solve her problems. I have been writing the code to monitor and control the time, lighting and temperature of her fishtank to keep it clean and healthy.


For everything else check out my profile on linked-in. It is very full of descriptions of things I have done.
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