Over the years I have created many software applications. Unfortunately I can't include a single one of those here as they are all military, not mine, and restricted. Still, since leaving that world, I have started to expand and include some of my experiments and products here for your interest.


This is a work in progress so I would like to keep the details private for now. It serves to hone my skills in writing JavaScript while interfacing to a mobile (firebase) application, currently in Android but later expanding to other platforms. The mobile device also talks to a hardware device that has been prototyped in Arduino.


This is a web-application that I wrote a few years ago now to trial GWT and JavaScript technologies. It will accepts dropped files from a number of cameras and rename them so they are in alphabetical order according to the time each one was taken. It uses QR codes to take into account any differences in the camera’s clocks. I would like to return to this some time to tidy the front end and to include geo-positioning from .gpx files as my desktop version does.


It’s been a while since I created any Android that is available but there are still a couple games on the store that are a bit of fun and free. Just things I did an age ago to learn the platform really.


For everything else check out my profile on linked-in. It is very full of descriptions of things I have done.


This is just a simple Serial Port listening application for the moment that can run on Windows, MacOS, and more importantly Raspberry PI. I wanted something to debug and demonstrate the hardware we were creating without having to configure the appearance each time. This SWT application listens for data and data headings in order to display graphs, data tables and values with meaning.

Holiday File Thingiser

This is a really rough and simple java application to rename all your photos in alphabetical order while geo-locating them based on your downloaded .gpx files.


For another application.


For another application.
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