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Writing websites is easy. I don't understand how wordpress and squarespace get so many people to their sites. I understand that if you want to run a business, selling, creating shopfronts, all that. For that you need a difficult set of tools and paying £20 a month I suppose makes sense if you are not a programmer.

£20 a month though for an author-site or just a general blog, of which I see a lot. That's just crazy. I did this intending to write it myself so just bought a hosting package from www.ecowebhosting.co.uk. I liked how they were carbon positive and at the same time well priced. Anyway I thought I would have a go on their supplied editor and template tools. In a day, add one for polishing content, and I had this. Simples. And all for £35 for the whole year. Sweet.

If anyone is looking and wants a simple site, even with a bespoke name, mine cost me 99p, then I can't recommend it enough. They offer more professional packages too, each very reasonably costed. Their support has been good to. Thanks ecowebhosting (O;

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I wasn't going to write a blog in particular but you never know. Maybe I will leave this here and see what happens.

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