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Our head consultant, Douglas, has written a number of novels that are available to purchase. They have received good reviews and are generally well accepted. They aren't best sellers as haven't been marketed or passed to an agent, but they are definitely worth a read.

Perfection; Experience and Pragmatism results in quality product

Nothing in life, including engineering and writing, can be taken at face value. An experienced eye cast over available information is invaluable in the assessment for the possible direction of any solution.

Engineering Processes

Don’t let anyone tell you how something ‘should’ be done. There are guidelines, sure. There are recommendations, absolutely. However, every product is different, every business its own entity and every person an individual. Applying processes meant for one thing to another usually, in my experience, leads to either a lot of wasted time, or a lot of problematic product.


I see a lot of people and a lot of companies launch themselves at any new technology with a desperate lunge without any consideration to benefits or risks. This isn’t more true than in the world of web where New = better. The more I see, the more I see this is often a mistake. New web libraries and technologies almost all exist in an attempt to reign in the developers and limit the amount they have to type. I find libraries and technologies poor substitutes for good engineering.


Don’t let my negativity give the wrong impression. Some new tech: new libraries to present web pages and applications for example, are awesome. I just like using them in a JavaScript framework that I can mix and match as required in ways that are supported by lots of browsers and operating systems. Then hardware, I love to embrace the latest stuff, it gets you ahead of the curve and can save you a lot of time, effort and money. I guess what I am saying is that with you are committing to the future of your tech and business, take care. There are a lot of traps out there that can cost a lot to get out of.